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CARE CREDIT understands most people DO NOT BUDGET for dental care, or, at some point, SENIOR dental conditions advance and treatment becomes suprisingly costly.   (YES!  It costs more to 'save and redo old dentistry' than to maintain and restore minor treatment and generally healthy mouths.)

Like many other services to maintain a quality senior lifestyle, LONG LASTING, PLEASANT APPEARING SMILES CAN BE EXPENSIVE ... and logically we know 'the longer we delay care ... the more costly care becomes. 

The people who started CARE CREDIT many years ago with the intention of helping people who want dental care to avoid delaying treatment.   Over the years, CareCredit has expanded into every areas of health care, including vet's.

CARE CREDITS INTEREST FREE PROGRAMS allow you to avoid revolving credit card fees, and there is NO ANNUAL FEE!  

CareCredit Application   -  You may apply directly online or through a participating offices website link.

Apply for healthcare credit card to manage your healthcare needs ... 

CareCredit offers 12 and 24 month programs that are 'interest' FREE as payments are made on time, and total paid in full as agreed.  How can they do this?? ... the practitioner pays 10%-12% to carecredit.   In other words, if your fees are $2,000, care credit pays practioner $1,800!   (One of the things to watch for are offices that increate your fee if they know you are using CareCredit.  In this example, they would add the $200 to your fee, charging you 2,200!  This is unethical and against their agreement with CareCredit, however not AGAINST THE LAW.)    


** Interest is accruing and if you miss a payment, or allow payments to extend beyond the 12 or 24 month program. ALL INTEREST ACCRUED will be added to your balance and DUE.

If this happens, I suggest you contact a CareCredit representative and request special consideration.   They may reverse the interest charged.   THEY WANT TO HELP!! 

** FYI - Your CareCredit card can be used it at any health care provider for you or your pets as long as OFFICE is enrolled with CareCredit.   Look for the CareCredit logo on their websites. 

*** Call and REQUEST NTEREST FREE PROGRAM as you incur fees.   They are likely available however there is no guarantee for fees added to existing program.





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