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Profession Since 1968
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Phyllis began her dental career as a hands on team member from 1968-1982
Clinical Assistant / Practice Office Manager / Practice Transition Adivsor 

You choose everything you create.
What you are getting are the results you have planned...without exception.

Leadership builds loyalty.
Loyalty creates relationships which
earn long term, committed team members.

2015 - Phyllis stopped accepting new business while remaining committed to working with loyal clients and their teammembers through retirement.



If you ask yourself, 'HOW WOULD PHYLLIS HANDLE THIS...' or 'WHAT VERBAL SKILL WOULD PHYLLIS USE?..."  -  EMAIL your question INCLUDING your desired OUTCOME and she will call to set up a fee based web-conference.    Please enter 'ASK PHYLLIS' in the email subject!    (Or you might end up in email hell!! LOL)

Many dental team members related to Phyllis as they learned she was a single parent raising two children while working full time as she started her consulting business.    In 1982 she was motivated to use her five years as a clinical assistant, and ten years administrative and management to inspire vocational women ‘LIKE HER' to understand they had choices about their careers.   They could learn on the job and be 'worker bees' and enjoy a safe, respectable career ... OR they could follow her lead and learn about the business and skills essential to 'advancing their career, and value to the doctor.  They could become co-practice leaders and inspire the team.'    

-One of Phyllis's proudest achievements are that 100% of her business was from team members, satisfied clients, dental supply representatives, CPA's, attorneys and practice brokers.  - Her most rewarding compliment was hearing team members say, "we know and appreciate you walked in our shoes and you care about us too, not just the doctor!"  . . . They were right!!     

Today Phyllis is giving back by helping senior people feel confident they can understand, make choices and participate with their dentist to plan affordability and enjoy a healthy smile.    She believes everyone willing to take time to sit with her and review their dentist treatment recommendations deserves to feel confident they will enjoy their natural teeth through life.   Simply stated, your dentist and his staff cannot spend the time Phyllis will take to walk you through seeing your unhealthy conditions, and what may happen if you leave untreated or delay treatment.   You also deserve to know your recommended treatment is comprehensive and discuss possible circumstances why you may only have a 'partial diagnosis.'   (Experience proves people don't like to spend $2,000 only to hear a few months later they have additional unhealthy conditions!!   Clue ... the patient may be the reason for receiving a partial diagnosis.)   

Phyllis studied management trends & computer software systems to help clients maximize profit and to secure growth.  Phyllis remains committed to staying current with state-of-the-art clinical techniques and participates in professional webinars and attends ADMC ANNUAL SESSIONS.   Phyllis's work with more than 1,200 DENTAL PRACTICES throughout the West Coast provide valuable experience and insight into what your challenges are TODAY.   Her concepts, creativity and dedication have gained her the trust and respect of leading management authorities who enthusiastically support her with their referrals.

In 1987 Phyllis helped form the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, the nation's only exclusive dental management organization. Phyllis believes in the ADMC goal of maintaining educational standards, professional ethics and peer review among independent dental management consultants. Phyllis's knowledge and leadership skills saw her elected by her peers as ADMC President in 1995/1996. (  

Phyllis has lectured at U.S.C., the California State Dental Convention and various Dental Societies throughout the West Coast.   In her SPARE TIME Phyllis has been a volunteer LIFE SUCCESS coach with Personal Success Institutes (PSI) BASIC AND ADVANCED COURSES.   You can read about these courses on their website,    Personal growth has no AGE LIMIT!!  

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