Dedicated to Developing Successful Dental Teams and Effective Leaders

Our Mission

Phyllis Waite believes a common denominator among successful people is the ability to see change as a life long “strategy for success.” It is our MISSION to apply our continuing education, knowledge and experience in working with more than 800 dental practices, to help you create and achieve your “personal strategy for success.”

Phyllis' DESIRE is to develop PARTNER RELATIONSHIPS with you and your team members. We want to be an experience, outside resource with the promise of never withhold information necessary to help you deal with new or difficult issues. – We want to become an unbiased and objective RESOURCE to you and your team members.   Reality checks are amazing!

The VISION is to help every team member love the time they invest in your practice and with your patients as much as Phyllis did the fifteen years invested as a clinical assistant, patient advocate and administrative executive.

It will be our PRIVILEGE to participate in your success in any way you are comfortable involving us.  PHYLLIS KNOWS THE CHOICE IS YOURS . . .


Strong Association

BURN OUT . . .
Is not a condition of working TOO HARD,
but of not working enough.
It is a concentration on SELF
instead of the job at hand.
Ultimately it represents a
SIMPLE concept . . .
A lack of COURAGE.

Ongoing motivation can only
come from within.
Lasting motivation begins
by experiencing
Something that enhances
your believe system.
Motivation remains when you feel
you have given your all,
Knowing you are choosing to be
your personal best.

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