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• To limit number of appointments they will allow a patient to request emergency/urgent care yet still refuse a complete exam.

• To charge to reevaluate conditions and take additional x-rays if diagnosed treatment is delayed more than twelve months (or other written timeline) after originally recommended.
• To charge an additional fee if lab services are ordered (crown, bridges or tooth replacement) and your temporaries are in place longer than three months due to you not returning to complete procedure (example; cement crown, bridge or removable appliance.)
• To be compensated an additional after-hours fee (generally $90.00 - $150.00) for patients who have delayed or refused a complete exam or have documented recommended procedures that are not part of a time-phased treatment plan.
• To be compensated for lost time when you schedule Doctor or Hygiene time for care and do not come in. Generally the charge can be avoided with the courtesy of your call to speak to a team member a minimum of one full week day before your appointment. (Leaving a message after hours or on weekend to cancel usually results in lost time for the dental team.)
• To request a patient to seek care by another dentist if they do not believe mutually respectful ‘dentist / dental team / patient' relationship can be developed. Timely and productive communication is essential to secure healthy decisions and frankly, to enjoy your association. (Request will be made in writing and records will be provided upon request. This protocol morally and ethically allows the Dentist to refuse future treatment.)





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