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What lies ahead of us...

is nothing compared to what lies within us. 

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THE FOUNDATION OF PHYLLIS WAITE'S PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY ... is the personal and supportive client relationships she develops. Phyllis designed her service to provide clients with a resource (a “partner”) who understands their everyday life. It is common knowledge in the business world that Dentists have unique challenges. Phyllis has dedicated her career to understanding those challenges. – Phyllis knows when you make an investment to redesign your business; you want answers that apply to your specific issues. Her 25 year relationship with Alma, combined with coaching over 800 dental teams throughout the West Coast provide valuable experience.  VERY SIMPLY, WE UNDERSTAND YOUR ENVIORNMENT and CHALLENGES.  Her concepts, creativity and dedication have gained her the trust and respect of leading management authorities, accountants and attorneys who work exclusively with dentists.

PURPOSE & INTENTION . . . Every worthy journey is guided by purpose and intention. We move toward what we intend to accomplish. - Very simply . . . Phyllis understands who you are and what you do! Her work over the past 23 years continues to confirm many practice owners feel isolated in and with their issues. They may feel family and friends really don't understand their challenges. In addition, if there is risk of criticism, they may choose to hold issues inside instead of dealing with them. – When a dentist is isolated to discussing issues with family, they often encounter bias or insecurities. When a dentist discusses practice issues with staff, mistrust which will swiftly deplete your leadership edge is predictable. (Staff learn . . . Doctor is asking me about "Joan" so he will also ask "Joan" about me!)

A dental practice presents a unique, challenging environment . . . A dental practice is a small, personalized, relationship based, “expensive” service business. The culture you have the opportunity to provide for yourself as an independent business person and dedicated team members, when done well, is tremendously rewarding – Often a dentist is faced with making tough decisions that may be easily determined and implemented in “typical business arena.” - Resolving issues and challenges a practice owners incur do not come naturally to 85% of dentists “personality styles.”

HOW SPECIAL ARE YOU? – VERY!  Research continues to support personalities attracted to being a dentist are perfectionist, analytical, deliberate in their decision making, detail oriented and come with very high expectations of self. These qualities are generally emitted to their team and family members. When a dentist work is criticized (not perfect) or when they are challenged by staff that may not be 'exceeding the employer’s expectations' the dentist's personality is drawn to becoming passive. NEGATIVE STRESS is always exacerbated by becoming what appears to others as indecisive.

WHO WILL YOU WORK WITH??   Phyllis leads your plan and receives regulare RESULTS BASED monitors, while Alma Thacker is your personal management coach and Kristin Rubio manages recruiting success.   
Our hands on, leader/personal team approach provides practical support necessary to plan and create your desired changes through to completion.   
Phyllis's associates have over 30 combined years of experience working in the dental office with clinical, administrative and advanced dental practice management training.  

Due to the personal nature of our service; combined with our mission, purpose and passion for “creating profitable and successful dental practices, accepting new clients is weighed carefully. As the nature of any business is ever changing, if you are serious about achieving the BAR AS YOU SEE IT in your practice, we invite your call to discuss the possibilities. - Please be committed to moving toward your vision, or willing to begin creating one!      Our questions to you are ... are you willing to work a plan with as much faith and passion as WE WILL???    ARE YOU WILLING TO DO THE WORK THROUGH TO 'RESULTS?'   ARE YOU WILLING TO ASK YOUR TEAM TO DO THE SAME?

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  • Accountability - Create trust and empower staff to work independently. You patient services rely on consistent, efficient, effective systems. (It is OK to get behind...It is NOT OK to have inconsistent patient services.)
  • Monitoring Results
  • Training Tools - Given to clients... Available under SUPPORT section.
  • Systems & Written Protocol. (Essential for new team member training.)
  • Staff Meeting Training
  • Practice Transition Lecturing & Counseling. "DAY ONE TRANSITION SEMINAR" that will secure a successful beginning and ¡¥transition team support.  (They are in transition too!)
  • 90 DAY 'TRANSITION' SUPPORT. The first few months of your transition require careful planning and flawless team work. Building instant staff relationships is essential. Duplicating the statistics of 'Dr. Previous' will prove you made a wise decision to transition into 'this practice.' Let the 'expert' guide your journey.